When souls aligned

Have you ever experienced that light, feathery feeling traveling in your body? That sign of happiness? A sense you know you’re exactly where you need to be?

I did.

My heart is full. Indeed, life gives gift in the most unexpected ways. I had the most beautiful time with newfound friends and a used-to-be stranger. Unexpectedly, a connection is there. No walls, no pretense, only pureness and genuine stories. We all started as no one and ended up as connected souls.

I didn’t expect my day would be such when I said yes to Lhorden, and worked together at Grand Hyatt Hotel. In my mind, I’d say yes to having company on a Monday grind. To be not alone with all the hustle. Lhorden is a woman of stories, with a façade of seriousness that life molded, working at a very young age and conquering life obstacles, but if she lets you in, she is everything of what a sweet girl is—nurturing, protective, and passionate. That’s what I was to find out that day.

Later that day, after all the Monday meetings and hotel lounge cakes in between, for early dinner, she introduced me to Lyka. A complete stranger. I know nothing about her, only she was dealing with low energy that day because of a broken heart.

Gathered in an al fresco of an Italian restaurant, with all the city breeze and white noise, shots of old fashion, ginger ale for me, and the smell of black truffle pasta, people dined and moved around us like a long exposure photo. As the time flew, we poured our hearts out. Laughs were expressed. Cries were shed. Empathy and deep connection were there.

The sky turned black. Adorned with the city lights, the place lighted up with sparks. And so, our souls. Visions and wisdom were shared. Stories and experiences that one wouldn’t hear during a first-day meeting were expressed like an open book. Those life stories defined our lives and shredded all the wounds we had, and made us who we are at that very moment.

In the end of the night, Lhorden wasn’t just the wife of an ex’s friend. Lyka wasn’t a stranger anymore. There were no walls or masks. I saw beautiful souls. I saw stories, courage, heartbreaks, love, acceptance, and power.

And I realized you could never really know someone or fully understand them because their stories are their own, but the beauty of it is that even without complete knowledge of who they are, souls can connect. Feelings can be met; everything simply aligns, even without trying. You understand; you empathize; you feel. Not everyday you experience such. Like a blue moon, it rarely happens.

It was what was lacking in my life—that deep longing for connection, a profound, mind-altering, surreal feeling of knowing. The lack of it was making me lonely. Yes, I feel lonely. Sometimes. Restless, I only have myself at the end of the day—a paradoxical reality of being an independent businesswoman that can be both beautiful and sad.

But this experience taught me something: your tribe is out there.

You let it be; you open up, and they’ll find you in the most unexpected ways. And when you find them, hold them close because not every day the world conspires to give you such a beautiful, magical, surreal experience. And that’s what makes it special. It’s rare.

It’s a telltale sign that you are not alone. When it happens, sensations will flow in your body, and suddenly, you’re open to anything. A magnet of all that is good. And that’s when abundance, love, and wisdom come in. The right people will come into your life, bringing those gifts—not as offerings but as a missing part of you that has come to find you. A part of you deserve to be adorned with.


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