Grow by Mia

A spiritual life-coaching brand by Mia Kafkios

Mia Kafkios


Content Strategist and Project Manager

The Brand

Grow by Mia is a spiritual life-coaching brand by Mia Kafkios that offers self-development courses and lightworker education for aspiring coaches.

For over 27 years, Mia has been working to assist souls in stepping into their highest potential through different spiritual and psychotherapy techniques. She is an educated science and physical education teacher, energy therapist, trance channeler, business mentor, life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and healer.


“Beyond ‘the illusion,’ there is freedom. There is a higher perspective of who we are as a soul. There is a higher connection to our unique frequency and blueprint.”

– Mia Kafkios

The Work

Content and Project Management

Enhanced the allover social media curation of Grow by Mia’s Instagram and the brand’s omnichannel content strategy, resulting in a maintained 11% engagement rate on Instagram and increased webinar sales with average of 400 attendees.


Social Media

Before and After